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If You Care About Your Lost Data, Leave the Data Recovery to the Experts

Your hard drive crashed and your data is gone. Your first instinct is to try everything you can to get your data back, from software applications to unconventional home remedies. And if the data is not that important and you want to play doctor with your hard drive, this is a good opportunity to try. ... more About Our Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery is what we do!

We do data recovery from nearly all types of media and major operating systems such used clean room technology for hard drive repair and data recovery services.

  • Data Recovery for Hard Drives (Recover IDE storages, Repair SCSI, Laptop, SAS, SATA HDD)
  • Iomega® Brand Zip & Jaz Disks Data Recovery
  • Optical Disks Data Recovery(CD, DVD & Cartridges)
  • Recover lost  Data from broken SSD Drives of any types
  • Unlock password protected hard drives 
  • Data eraser services
  • Floppy Disks Files and Folders Recovery
  • Data Recovery for Servers and multi-disk arrays (recover Raid-0, Raid-5 and others)
  • Recover lost files from MP3 Players
  • Save photos from Digital Camera Cards, SD MMC xD cards
  • Rescue data from Flash Memory cards
  • IBM Microdrives Data Recovery

We work with all data recovery scenarios including, but not limited to:

  • Hard drives not mounting on the desktop or not being. recognized by the operating system.
  • Drives that make clicking patterns.
  • Drives with burned chips on the logic board.
  • Drives that won't spin up due to electronic failure or frozen spindles.
  • Invalid catalog trees or FAT table partitions.
  • Drives that were ghosted with another operating system.
  • Drives with physical damage, such as being dropped.
  • Drives with fire or flood damage.
  • Other problems such as deleted files, formatted disks, or virus attacks.
  • Recovering the data from a corrupted SSD hard drive.

Types of recovery expertise we use for recovering your data:

  • Hard disk [HDD] Head swaps and swapping of other internal HDD parts
  • Hot swap of logical board
  • Reprogramming of hard disk internal firmware.
  • Firmware flashes.
  • SA / corrupt Module rebuilds and Microcode
  • data recovery from scratched platters
  • Platter swaps.
  • Class100 clean environment for advanced data recovery.
  • Low Level imaging techniques for hard drives with physical media damage and alignment problems in some cases using through terminal recovery.

RAID array recovery 

We specialise in data recovery from any type of multi-disk RAID array and RAID system. Our data recovery work covers everything from basic RAID0 (striped) sets, up to RAID50 configurations

Single: RAID Levels:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 2
  • RAID 3
  • RAID 4
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 7

Multiple Sets of RAID Array Configurations:

  • RAID 0+1 (01) and 1+0 (10)
  • RAID 0+3 (03 or 53) and 3+0 (30)
  • RAID 0+5 (05) and 5+0 (50)
  • RAID 1+5 (15) and 5+1 (51)

Reconstructing data following a Raid Array crush is a very complicated proces, and can sometimes be a very time-consuming procedure, especially if a failed attempt to restore the Raid Array already has been attempted by other data recovery companies.

E-man Data Recovery Features

Clean Room technology:

Clean rooms are standard in the assembly and service of hard disks, Cleanroom technology is used in a wide range of industries including semiconductor assembly, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food, medical devices and hospitals, and other areas where high levels of cleanliness are required...more

Data Recovery Seattle, Bellevue Washington 

We offer recovery service to all these areas including but not limited to: Arlington, Lynnwood, Bellingham, Bellevue, Bremerton,  Burien,  Burlington, Camano Island, Carnation, Centralia, Edmonds, Everett, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Gold Bar, Granite Falls,  Hunters,  Issaquah,  Kenmore, , Kent, Lake Stevens,  Long Beach, Longview, Lynnwood, Maple Valley,  Marysville, Mill Creek, Milton, Monroe,  Mountlake Terrace, Mt. Vernon, Mukilteo, North Bend, North Bonneville, Oak Harbor, Ocean Shores,  Olympia,  Puyallup,  Redmond, Renton, Sammamish, , SeaTac, Lynnwood, Sedro Woolley, Shoreline, Silverdale, Skokomish, Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Pass Tacoma,  Tukwila, Tulalip, Woodinville


Time frame

a) We evaluate all media as soon as we receive it.

b) The evaluation of the data recovery potential takes one to two business days.

c) The data recovery process itself will take a maximum of two-three business days after the client's approval is received.

d) If there is a more urgent need for the data to be recovered, an additional fee may be applied.

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