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Emanuel and his staff are true lifesavers!!!  We accidentally lost all the data on a client's hard drive (6 years not backed up!), and she had
a HUGE fundraising auction in a few weeks.  E-Man had her data completely recovered in under 48 hours!  Thank you!!!

Kevin Berg

Dear Sirs:

Thank you so very much for recovering the data that was lost when the hard drive from our Executive Director's computer failed.

You were prompt, through, and kind enough to deliver the recovered data files to us after your normal work hours.

We will consider it an honor to recommend your service to anyone who asks.

Sincerely, Celia Gordon


Dear Emanuel:

...After talking to local computer shops, Dell, Microsoft, Carbonite (who had backed up my data but did not preserve the encryption key - something users should concern themselves with if they are using any on-line back-up service), and even a data encryption company here in the Bay Area, you were the only ones who told me exactly what the problem was, how complicated it could be, and what it might cost.

You did this in a way I could understand.

And then your team kept working at it until you came up with a solution. And even when it got exceedingly complicated, you kept your original estimate on cost. Good help with computer problems is difficult to find.

Thank you for literally saving me untold months of work and money that is much better spent elsewhere in difficult times.

Sincerely, Rev. Brett Hoover


To Whom It May Concern:

"The E-Man team is top notch! They were able to get my data faster than what we quoted and make the impact of the power outage minimal.

If i ever need to retrive data from a failed drive again, E-man is where I will go!

Sincerely, Anthony M. Sheehan


Dear Emanuel,

This letter is being written as a recommendation of your business to anyone interested in having computer data recovery done, As you know, my computer had a fatal crash just after New Years day. I suffer from a serious brain injury. because of this my computer is my alternate brain. Everything lost in the crash was important in maintaining my "memory". Without this data, it would be as tough i had been born yesterday without memories of business or personal associations and activities.

Although I had been told that my data was unrecoverable, you decided to attempt to write your own software to attempt recovery. Because of your extra efforts, all my important data was recovered. This means that the last year of my life is still intact and that all my stored memories are once again accessible.

Additionally, you showed compassion in making this data recovery affrodable for me. I am on a disability income that makes an unbudgeted crisis a challenge to manage.

Thank you so much for all the extra effort and time you took to help me. I wish also to say that you were in every way couteous, professional and timely and i fell confident in recommending you to anyone needing your services. I know that my husband and I will not hesitate to consult your expertise again in the event of future problems. We have already mentioned you favarably to a number of our friend and associates.

Respectfully yours, Teleia and Bob Geddes



Thank you very much for your promp and courteous service in recovering our data - we greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if I can ever be a referral for you.

Regards, Jim Talaga


Dear Emanuel,

In late July, this summer, I had a devastating office fire that ruined all my office equipment and most of my business records. One week before the fire, I had your company download and backup all my computer files, since my computer had been operating slowly and i was worried about losing these files. The timing was fortuitous. I had taken the CD of files to my home office before the fire so all files were safe. I appreciate the presence of your business in Snohomish and value of what you did for me.

Sincerely, George E. Swartz


Thanks, E-man, for the awsome job you did on my data recovery.

I had two crashed hard drives - done in by lighning. They had been shipped back and forth to Idaho, where one attempt to recover had already been made, plus they had been sitting for three years. There were actually burned spots on the boards. They were duplicates for most part, so only one of them needed recovery. but wich one?

You guys worked to get the best deal for me. You helped me figure out wich one was likely to have the best shot at recovery, trying to minimize my costs. You gave me a solid estimate, not just a "we'll let you know how much it costs when we're done" answer.

You explained all the risks and potentioal problems up front, with probabilities, and let me make an informed decision. You had my best interests in mind, and treated me like you were a business partner.

best of all, you ware able to retrive my data, not only saving me thousands of hours to recreate it, but restoring images i never would have been able to get again.

THANK YOU!!! Keep up the awesome work, Nona Clifton


To Whom it May Concern,

As I suspect is the case with many other elderly and/or technically challenged individuals, I have not yet joined the 20th century insofar as electronic devices are concerned.  Several years ago I stumbled on EmanDataRecovery in their former location on D St. here in Snohomish.  After the first visit and my interaction w/Emanuel Popa, (owner) and Daniel his assistant,  I was convinced that for any and all persons who required Data Recovery support of virtually any complexity, this was the only place to go!! 

 The staff is highly knowledgeable, their customer "bedside manner" is excellent and their rates are not only very competitive, they are usually lower than many other Data recovery company’s which I have visited during the years we have owned a home computer.

 Sincerely & honestly, Don Leyson